Advertising Sales


Lesson 6

Q. Do I always have to sell 6 to 10 ads?

A. No, but that should be the target. We will publish boards with any number of ads. You are in a profit situation from the very first sale, so it's not really an issue.

Q. How big are the boards?

A. A “standard” board with 6 ads is 24” wide and 36” tall. We can build any size up to and including 36”x36”.

Q. What are the chalkboards made from?

A. They are PVC, the same material your credit cards are made of (but thicker of course). This means they are very light weight and easy to handle. One of the things restaurants love about them.

Q. How big are the ads?

A. They will vary just a little depending on the size of the board and number of ads, but we try to keep them approximately 8” wide and 5” tall. The easiest way I’ve found to explain the ad size to someone is simply tell them “if it were in a magazine, it would be a half-page”.

Q. What is the average time to sell out a project?

A. 3-4 days is average. 2-3 is optimal. I suggest never taking over 5 working days. Take what you have at the end of the week and move on. The fastest I’ve ever done 1 is 2.5 hours! It’s a great story. Ask me about it sometime.

Q. When you publish more or fewer ads, do the ads become bigger or smaller?

A. No. (Not usually anyway.) Instead of making the ads smaller, we adjust the layout. 

Q. What if the restaurant needs a board of a specific size? For example to fit into an existing frame.

A. In that case we would usually accommodate the restaurant unless the requested size is too big. The largest we can print & ship is 36”x36”.

Q. Can you do more than 1 restaurant at a time?

A. YES! In fact, I encourage you to do 2 at a time and  just treat it as 1 project. (Buy 1 get 2nd for half-price).

Q. Do you ever call on “chain” restaurants?

A. We have a few boards in some very popular chains, but we suggest that dealing with “mom & pops” is easier and more profitable in the long run.

Q. There is a “setup” charge on the rate card. Do I have to charge a “setup” charge?

A. No. The setup charge is there so you can give it away as a closing tool. You can charge it if someone wants to split the payment.

Q. Is this an independent rep/1099 positions?

A. NO. You don’t work for us, we work for you. You collect the advertiser’s money in your name and pay us when you get ready to publish the board. Just think of us as a “full-service” vendor.

Q. How much does your average rep make?

A. Not as much.

Earnings disclaimer: Earnings are determined by the simple formula “ability x effort = earnings”.

There is no way to measure your effort or ability in relation to others so only you can determine your income and, by the way, that’s the way it should be. We have folks with great ability that earn a lot by little effort. We also have folks that earn big with a lot of effort, even though the don’t possess great talent. If you have a high aptitude AND you put forth great effort, you COULD easily be in the six-figure club.