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Give away our Custom Chalkboard FREE to local restaurants. It's easy because there's never a charge for our boards!

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EARN $850 - $1,850

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Hi, I’m Tony Norris and I’ve been selling ads inside restaurants for over 25 years.

In 2014, I published my first Daily Special Chalkboard like the one in the picture. WOW! These things are truly special.

They are really easy to sell ads on. They are a breeze to publish. And... the profits are truly “obscene”. I regularly earn upwards of 80% profit and more on boards I publish, and I’m about to show you how you can too.

I hope you’re ready to earn big margins, because that’s what I’m about to show you.

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ALL of our training and documentation is available online IMMEDIATELY!.

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You'll receive a complete business package which includes:

• Complete online video training modules.

Complete training pdf. (download)

• Printable presentation pages (download).

All your forms and documents (editable).

My scripts for advertisers and restaurants.

Personal strategy/quick-start call.

Continual guidance & support.

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See What Some of Our Other Distributors Have to Say...

Hi,  I set up the restaurant  on a Wednesday and had the ads sold by Friday morning. I can't believe I was able to make the $$$ I did in so little time (about 10 hours total!). Can't wait to start on the next one! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product and fun selling experience!
Sincerely,T.D. - Ohio
Thank you!!!I had fun doing my first project,and I think I spent a total of 20 hrs maybe? I closed 90% of who I called on. Really, I had no challenges with the sales .This has been quite easy for me.Thanks, for your support.M.G. - Virginia
Dear TonyI just wanted to share my first experience with you. Not only was it incredibly easy to get 15 referrals from the restaurant owner, while I was still writing them down a business owner came in the restaurant. The owner introduced us and he bought an ad on the spot. In 15 minutes I set up the restaurant, got 15 referrals and sold an ad. I've never seen a business this easy.
Thanks again!!!A.C. - Georgia
Unbelievable!"I started this program last week and signed up 2 restaurants the first day (Thursday).  On Friday I started working referrals from one of the restaurants, a BBQ restaurant.  The very first referral was a friend of the owner of the BBQ restaurant.   I called on 3 other referrals and sold 4 additional spots.  Net results, 4 calls, booked an additional restaurant and sold 5 spots total in the 4 calls." (John sold 20 ads his first 6 days!)
JJ - Louisiana
Dear Tony. This business is easy, FUN, and profitable. I have not had a business tell me that this was a bad idea. They all see the exposure we give their business as a great benefit and the low price as a great opportunity. I am enjoying getting out every day and showing off a fantastic product! 
BG - Missouri
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy this business.  As you know, I came from the resort real estate business, and the sales process took months, and sometimes years! How refreshing to be able to go out, talk to small business owners, that have been referred by their friends and associates, and pick up a check after a two minute presentation.  The board simply makes sense to the restaurant owner, and to the advertisers.  You control the money you make by how much you want to work.  Set you own hours, and write your paycheck.  I've already have two boards in restaurants, and another being sent out next week. I plan to open more areas in the future.  Thanks for all your knowledge, as I'm new to the industry. All the best, 
RH - North Carolina
I have been  in sales 37 yrs and this product is so easy to sell that you really don't sell it - it sells itself- my 1st eight sales were all in a row from leads i got at the restaurant because they really wanted the product.  Because of that they give 20-25 leads. 
t. s. - Wisconsin
Hi this is Mary.  you just heard from t.s.we are a husband and wife team and distributors. I'd never done this before and sold out my first project in 20 hrs total. More than that i had fun doing it. Many of my contacts were women. Together tom and i are looking at doing 2 of these each a month which is as part time as you can get and thats just  shy of $7,000/mo.

ps. we are both in our late 60's so if you're younger you can do better  if older a great addition to social security.and Tony is great to work with, always a help and not a hindrance and what he says you can take to the bank( literally)

Get Your, COMPLETE, Business Package! Just $99

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"If you have ANY sales experience at all I encourage you to give our products and methods a try.”

Tony Norris,


Impact Media

P.S.: In over 25 years of selling ads inside restaurants, I've never had a product that was easier to sell or more profitable. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.

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