About Us

Since 1991, (with the exception of a few years I went "corporate") I've been selling ads inside restaurants. Menus, placemats, table tents, magnets, you name it.

But, in 2014 I developed the Custom Daily Specials chalkboards and they have been the easiest, most profitable product I've had in over 25 years.

I'm Tony Norris and I don't just teach this business, I live it.

Everything you will learn about selling ads on these chalkboards is taken from my own experience, and that of others who earn high margin incomes.

No fluff, no filler. Everything is meant to increase your profit and shorten your sales cycles.

Impact Media has helped both experienced salespeople and brand new beginners earn great incomes with none of the traditional cold-calling or high-pressure tactics that sales is typically associated with.

If you are looking for something new in your life, check us out. You may be surprised how easy it is to increase your income and peace-of-mind.