Earn $1,000 (or more)
Anytime, Anywhere, ...

...Without Cold-Calling, High-Pressure Tactics or Learning Any New Skills!

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Let Me Ask You, Do You...

  • Need a little extra money for bills?
  • Come up short with only your SS or retirement?
  • Want to start a new, lucrative career?
  • Want more TIME to spend outside of working?
  • Like sales, but hate tiny commissions?
  • Sell B2B now, but want BIGGER profits?

If you answered YES to any of these...

Then YOU are in the right place!

Hi, I'm Tony Norris and Here's Why I Created the "48 Hours to $1,000" Crash Course...

In 2014, I discovered a product that was, in every sense, Fail-Proof!

This simple, easy, "Fail-Proof" product is the Custom Restaurant Chalkboard...

You can use our same product to generate profits on demand, working just with your local restaurants and business owners.

Think about this - What if you could earn $1,000 or MORE, on-demand, anytime you wanted?

Well, that's exactly what the 48 Hour Start-up is about.

I'm going to show you how to simply, easily, and without cold-calling or learning any new skills, earn $1,000 paydays anytime, anywhere you like.

Just 3 Little Ads Like This Can Earn You $1,000!

The SIMPLE System I've been using since 2014!

There are only 3 simple steps to earning your first $1,000...

Give away a FREE Daily Specials Chalkboard to a LOCAL restaurant. PLUS, they'll tell you who will advertise on the chalkboard.

Sign up 3 of the local businesses the restaurant recommended. (We sell a 2 year ad for $448. 3 ads = $1,344 total sales.

We'll do everything else for just $350, Includes ad design, proofing, and even shipping to you or the restaurant. That's $994 Profit!

Hear How Steve Earned $1,000, His First DAY, Before Lunch!!!

Steve is absolutely the exception, not the typical beginner. But, he was willing to share his story how his first day earned him over $1,000.

00:00 UPS delivers his demo board.
00:45 Gives away his first FREE chalkboard 4 hours later.
02:40 His First call = FIRST SALE.
03:40 Advertiser gladly gives more referrals.
04:10 3 sales in less than an hour and a half.
05:20 A first in over 20 years of ad sales.

Listen to Richard - He's been doing it for years and earns $2,000 - $3,000 per week, working only 2-3 DAYS!

> This call is a training course all by itself <


00:30 Earned over $2,000 his first 2 days.

02:00 Never took over 3 days for a project.

02:20 Easy way to get advertisers.

04:00 Richards work schedule & system.

04:30 $2,000/wk. at 70 years old.

05:45 80% Profit and getting paid FIRST!

06:45 Getting referrals from advertisers.

07:40 Richards best advice for new folks.

You Can Get Everything You Need to Start Earning Right Now!

  • Online Video Training Course 
  • Companion .pdf Guide
  • My EXACT Proven Scripts
  • Presentation Book with Pictures of Restaurant Owners and Their Boards, and over 50 ads from REAL advertisers.
  • Done-For-You, Customizable Forms 
  • My "Lazy Salesman" Tips & Shortcuts

EVERYTHING You Need for Just $47

Tony Norris

Founder of Impact Media

Meet Your Teacher and Coach...

I've been selling ads inside restaurants since 1991. I've done all the usual products: menus, placemats, table tents, take-out menus, etc.

Nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to our custom chalkboards for ease of sales, profit, or ease of fulfillment.

If you have any people skills whatsoever, I encourage you to give our product and system a try. In over 25 years of selling ads, this is the best I've ever seen. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Can I Work? Are There Territories?

How Big are the boards?

How Long Does the Average Project Take?

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How Big Are the Ads?

​Can I Do This Part-Time?

​Can I Hire Sales Reps?

Can I Do More Than 1 Restaurant at a Time?

When You Publish More Ads, Do They Get Smaller?

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Should I Put Boards In "Chain" Restaurants or Stick With Local?

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